Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"The Tomb" & "The Unknown"
(And Big, Cool Announcement!)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Before we get to today's blood lettings, I want to make all you horror fans out there aware of a newly minted award for sterling achievement in the world of horror comic books. It's called The Ghastly Award, and it will be given out every year henceforth to the best in horror comics. Your host (Mykal Banta) has the honor of serving as one of The Ghastly's judges (for a list of my esteemed colleagues and Ghastly founding fathers, please click HERE! If you are a comic book/horror fan, you will see names you know!).

This award promises all kinds of bloody cool in future years. Check it out!!

Now, on to today's post, which cracks open a new issue of Terror Tales (July, 1971 - Vol. 3 No. 4). In the lead off spot we find a Dick Ayers redraw, "The Tomb," (first published as "The Sign of Doom" - Web of Mystery #14, 1952); and God knows you can never go array with Ayers. Our second story, "The Unknown," is another Eerie Pub. redraw, this one by Oscar Fraga. "The Unknown," before Fass and Company got their slimy mitts on it, was published in 1954 by Web of Evil (No. 15) as "The Demon Coat."

But before you rush to the stories, give some love to the awesome painted cover!