Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Vampires From Beyond" & "The Doom Witch"

Off the bloody bat, The Bloody Pulp wishes to say a bloody thank you to loyal reader and pal, Gumba, who recently donated several outstanding issues of Eerie Pub. mags to the cause! Thanks a million, my fiend, for your outstanding generosity!

Before moving to the stories, let's drool a bit over this cover, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Not only is the black haired wench being dismembered stone cold sexy, she's animatronic! You really can't ask for more. Plus, you have to love a girl that wears aqua pumps to a boneyard.

Now, let's get right to the meat of the matter and break into all the stories from Horror Tales Vol. 2 No. 4, July 1970. First up we stumble upon a Eerie Pub. redraw and the pitchy work Antonio Reynoso in "Vampires From Beyond." Go on, treat yourself. If you aren't good to yourself, who's going to be? Trot your ass on over to my pal, Karswell's The Horrors Of It All to catch the orignal version! Of note, the kind of originality Reynoso brings to the table when doing an Eerie Pub. redraw!

Oscar Stepancich was one of the best pure draftsman in the Eerie Pub. stable, here strutting his skills in "The Doom Witch," a redraw of "Heads of the Dead" (Beware #7, 1954)


Prof. Grewbeard said...

Probably my favorite Reynoso work though it's hard to choose. the mind-blowing art really puts the concept across! Reynoso should have been the mind behind the 60s Outer Limits comics and in b/w (yeah, right!), he would've been totally suited for the task...

Prof. Grewbeard said...

oh yeah and the gears-in-place-of-guts weirdness that features on several Eerie pubs covers, what's up with that!?

Mykal Banta said...

Prof.: So nice to hear from a fellow Reynoso fanatic. Wouldn't it be beyond cool to get one of those currently published prestige hardcovers of his work? I'd give a dollar and a dime for that!

Regarding the gears and wires in place of tendons and muscle, that was a real Eerie Pub. tradmark - and, if you notice, the characters still bleed like humans!

Also so cool is the monster combo packs that Eerie Pub. loved - like on this cover! the Abominable Snowman/Werewolf combo is typical!

Gumba G Gadwa said...

Two great ones -- The Stepancich art is Warren quality, and the Reynoso art makes the vampire, er, demons, er, shapeless spectres thingies look a lot more frightening then they would if done in regular line art.

In Eerie reprints, demons and vampires seem to be interchangeable!

The thing about the cover -- what do these monsters have to gain? Are they making a wish? Do they need parts to finish some electronic project? Are they both in love with her and this is their compromise?

Mykal Banta said...

Gumba: Thanks again!

Regarding the cover, all your scenarios are possibilities! The covers are one of my favorite aspects of Eerie Publications! So "lowbrow" but so incredibly addictive. And the crazy stories they tell!

I also agree with your assessment of the art: "Warren quality" is a good way to look at Stepancich. And Reynoso is, for me, a under-appreciated and virtually master.

Karswell said...

Good lord I went back to my original post and noticed all the idiotic spam comments... I guess I just didn't care back then, haha

Thanks for the plug, chum!