Friday, December 30, 2011

"The Slimy Mummy" and "The Blood Goddess"

These two stories will pull the plug on Witches' Tales Vol. 5 No. 5, September 1973. Sleep well, dark and loathsome vessel. Your yellowing, inky soul has been archived and released into the "cloud" of digital Heaven.

I've posted our first story, "The Slimy Mummy," before (in fact it was my first post); but it's well worth posting twice! I've re-scanned the story and restored it closer to original than earlier post. "Slimy Mummy" is a Chic Stone redraw of "Servant of the Tomb" (Harvey's Witches Tales #6, 1952). Stone's work is just great here, but chances are very good I would have loved this Eerie Pub. re-do for the Eerie Publications-styled title alone.

Our second bedtime story, "The Blood Goddess," is the lovable work of Larry Woromay, doing what he does best - displaying the ripped sockets of torn appendages and flesh torn asunder by tooth,claw, or bladed weapon. "Blood Gooddess" is a redraw of "Goddess of Murder" (Web of Evil #3, 1953).

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Devil's Plague" & "The Evil Trip"

Deeply, deeply we sink into the mire of Witches' Tales Vol. 5 No. 5. First to rise from the muck is "Devil's Plague," an Oscar Fraga redraw of "Black Death" (Beware #7, 1954). Fraga does some finely-detailed work here, per usual. Next comes, "The Evil Trip," an Antonio Reynoso redraw of "Nightmare World" (Weird Tales From the Future #3, 1952). This is one of my favorite stories from the artist as it captures the essential Reynoso universe: Pitch black emptyness lit by cold, electric flashes.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

"The Zombie Maker" & "The Living Dead"

Let's unearth a couple more moldering numbers from Witches' Tales Vol. 5 No. 5. Today's offerings are two very fine Eerie Pub. redraws. First up, "The Zombie Maker" features some absolutely stunning work by Ruben Marchionne. What wonderful use of light source and shadow. "The Zombie Maker" is a redraw of "The Skid Row Monster" (Web of Evil # 19, 1954).

Our second story, "The Living Dead," has the ever reliable Walter Casadei in exceptional form, doing what he does best: creating beautifully composed panels reaking of doom and decay. This story is a redraw of "The Lost Soul" (Chamber of Chills No. 24, 1951).

Stories with fledgling zombies and a city of the walking dead. Ah, it must be Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"The Vampire" and "Horror in Wood"

It's time to crack open a new casket of stories - this batch of slimy yarns comes form Witches' Tales Vol. 5 No. 5, September 1973. But stay your hand, crypt robber, and pause a brief moment to enjoy this cover and the stalwart, determined figure of the Mummy as he works to snap the vampire demon's neck!

And speaking of vampires, our first story, The Vampire, looks like a hybrid. The splash panel appears to be the drawing of Walter Casadei, while the rest of the story looks like Oscar Fraga. The second story, Horror in Wood is the inimitable Antonio Reynoso.