Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Tomb of Ogres" and "Tear Him Apart"

Once more into the breach, dear friends! Let's take our mallet and hammer one last wooden stake deep into the corrupt heart of Weird Vol. 12 No. 2, June 1979. Wrapping up this issue, we have an Alberto Macagno extravaganza! Mr. Macagno is still alive and working today, often contributing stories to the popular crime strip "Julia" for Editore Bonelli. As Mike Howlett writes: "Alberto Macagno is another talented artist who honed his skills on the Eerie Pubs and subsequently went on to international fame."

The first story, "Tomb of Ogres," is Macagno redraw of "The Monsters" (Black Magic #32, 1954). Our second offering, "Tear Him Apart," is another Macagno redraw, this time of "Hive" (Tomb of Terror #8, 1953). Say, I have an idea. Saunter on over to Karswell's and cast your peepers on the original "Hive."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"House of Blood' & "The Creatures"

Here come two more from Weird Vol. 12 No. 2, June 1979; and nice gems they are (once all the slime has been washed away). First, Argentina's own, Mandrafina, offers up some crisp work in "House of Blood." About HOB, contents says: "Once inside the strange old house two innocent people are swept up in a nightmare of bloody shock." Sounds serous, right?

Second on the hit list, "The Creatures" has some spectacular artwork by . . . what's this!? Not even Mike Howlett's The Weird World of Eerie Publications could help me out here. The artist behind these great panels is unkown (and if Mike's opus can't help us out, there is no help)! Whatever, I'm loving that last panel on that second tale whomever the ink-slinger was.