Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Lighthouse Of Horror" & "The Hungry Slime"

It's high time for a brand new issue of Eerie Pub bloody frolic. Let's slice open Terror Tales No. 5 vol. 5, October 1973 and see what the insides look like. But before we begin our exportation, let us follow custom and consider this rather interesting cover. My favorite part? The lizard woman vampire that is staring the viewer straight in the eye. Does she hope for your help or your neck? Both, maybe.

We have an Argentina double header today, with stories featuring the artwork of Domingo Mandrafina and Ruben Marchionne. First, Mandrafina graces us with "Lighthouse of Horror," an Eerie Pub redraw of "Beam of Terror" (Tomb of Terror, 1953).

The severely under-appreciated Ruben Marchionne gives us some black, inky goodness in "The Hungry Slime." What great layouts! This is an Eerie Pub redraw of "The Living Slime," (Tomb of Terror, 1952). Catch the colorful original at Karswell's! (I'm sure my pal Karswell will forgive me for saying - this is one of those times I like the redraw better than the original!)

Coming ASAP: "Weird Magic" & "The Beast." Until then, Don't let the sun catch you above ground.