Friday, April 22, 2011

"Witchcraft" & "Corpses Coast-To-Coast"

Let's dig up another Eerie Pub issue, Weird Vol. 4 No. 3 - June 1970; from its fetid grave and dissect it story by story. But first, let's pause a moment and enjoy this cover. Most eye-catching is the long, slim, fanged redhead with the see-through who seems to be orchestrating events. Notable as well is the perfectly normal gentleman being strangled (average mortals were quite scarce on Eerie covers).

This first story, "Witchcraft," is a good example of still waters running deep. It's the quite ones you have to look out for - particularly when a quite one stumbles upon a witches' den. The artwork here (a re-draw of "Book of Vengeance" from Chamber of Thrills #24, 1951) is by Walter Casadei.

This second story, "Corpses Coast-To-Coast" is a reprint from Voodoo #14, 1954. I love this story and would kill to see it made into a Hollywood blockbuster. My mind reels with casting ideas for Big Z. If we could choose actors from any era - you gotta go Tor Johnson.

For a peek at the original, check out Karswell's HERE!