Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Devil's Plague" & "The Evil Trip"

Deeply, deeply we sink into the mire of Witches' Tales Vol. 5 No. 5. First to rise from the muck is "Devil's Plague," an Oscar Fraga redraw of "Black Death" (Beware #7, 1954). Fraga does some finely-detailed work here, per usual. Next comes, "The Evil Trip," an Antonio Reynoso redraw of "Nightmare World" (Weird Tales From the Future #3, 1952). This is one of my favorite stories from the artist as it captures the essential Reynoso universe: Pitch black emptyness lit by cold, electric flashes.


Prof. Grewbeard said...

Mykal, you're right on concerning Reynoso's style!

SpaceLord said...

"Evil Trip" is more than fantastic. Superbly done.
I got a problem with your scans, though. Can't get them large enough anymore.
They seem microscopic, even if I don't use that new mini-viewer.
Can you offer any help?

Mykal said...

Prof.: I think this story is the perfect example regarding the work of this inky master!

SpaceLord: Hmm. I've tested this post in Firefox, Explorer, and Chrome (which is what I use). It seems to work perfectly in each one. Try this in whatever browser you use: right click on the image in the post, then choose "open image in new tab (or window)." The wording may be a little different, but all browsers allow this function.

Let me know if this works.

SpaceLord said...

Ahhhh, that did the trick!
Sorry for being stupid.
Karswell's blog had similar problems - caused by this !#@* "viewer".

Mykal said...

SpaceLord: Eureka! You weren't being stupid. Thanks for asking.