Thursday, November 10, 2011

"House of Blood' & "The Creatures"

Here come two more from Weird Vol. 12 No. 2, June 1979; and nice gems they are (once all the slime has been washed away). First, Argentina's own, Mandrafina, offers up some crisp work in "House of Blood." About HOB, contents says: "Once inside the strange old house two innocent people are swept up in a nightmare of bloody shock." Sounds serous, right?

Second on the hit list, "The Creatures" has some spectacular artwork by . . . what's this!? Not even Mike Howlett's The Weird World of Eerie Publications could help me out here. The artist behind these great panels is unkown (and if Mike's opus can't help us out, there is no help)! Whatever, I'm loving that last panel on that second tale whomever the ink-slinger was.


prof. grewbeard said...

what?!? i could have sworn i left a comment already, something to the effect of- it was all new material to me and that it was a great issue. so, um, there.

hey Mykal i started a new "musick" blog-

it will be diverse in it's content...

Guy Bell said...

Love that 2nd story! I wish I knew who the artist was but i don"t recognize it.

Mykal said...

Prof.:Magic Carpet Burnout! I'm there! I've added it to my list of killer blogs; and your right: this is one helluva issue! No previous comments, though.

Guy: I'm still loving that last panel!

Matthew Coniam said...

They could really draw women, these guys, couldn't they.
Sue Trent is fabulous, especially when she's falling down the stairs. Once again, I find myself pondering just how much this stuff might have meant to me if only I'd got to it young enough. Intoxicating it is.

(Oh, and an irrelevant 'by the way': we thank you profusely for following Dogs On Beaches!)

Mykal said...

It seems that beautiful women is something all comic book artists can draw well, to varying degrees, of course. My guess is most of these guys began drawing in very early adolescence - and what is the first thing these young boys wanted to draw? You guessed it. Sexy girls.

These mags made me so giddy as a boy. That is why I wanted to honor them with this blog.

I want more postings on Dogs on Beaches. I love the very idea of it.

Mike H said...

Nope- we all drew a blank on the artist on the Creatures! Even the great Oswal, who helped with a bunch of the unidentifiable artists, was at a loss!

Sure is good, though!

Mykal said...

Mike: Like I say, if your great book doesn't supply the answer, an answer doesn't exist! I agree, great artwork!