Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Grave Rehearsal" and "Terror Below"

Today we shall complete our study of Witch's Tales Vol. 3 No. 1 with two shameless swipes from pre-code, Ajax/Farrell publications. This first filthy tale of mud and death was origianlly published in Strange Fantasy, August 1953.

Certainly, some may find it strange that the slander mag publisher of "Grave Rehearsal" so eagerly accepts a health resort invitation from a woman named "Madame Satin," who wears a skull ring and sends a box of mud from Transalvania as a sample of her services. Dear Miss Satin also enjoys dressing in black and carries a whip for good measure. But, in perfect honesty, whom among us wouldn't be rushing to book the next flight? Flesh is, after all . . . weak.

This second tale, "Terror Below," first saw the light of day in Haunted Thrills, November 1953. "As you sow, so shall you reap" proclaims the well-known English proverb - a thought perfectly suited to the following. Myself, I have always preferred the brutal directness of another English proverb: "What goes around, comes around." I hope now one's allergic to shell fish!
Thus concludes this issue of Witch's Tales. Sleep well, thou ragged and dusty tome.


prof. grewbeard said...

Grave Rehearsal is one of my faves, so kinky!

Mykal said...

Prof.: I noticed you posted the same muddy yarn a few years ago! I love that one panel when the fat pig is laying like a swollen baby in the pit of mud, describing it as "ecstasy!"

And what about Madame Satin offering the "sting of the lash"? Oh, baby!

SpaceLord said...

Those crabs have sharp claws!
And "Grave Rehearsal" is an Iger classic.
I suspect that the writer of this piece let off a lot of steam about his editor.

Fooksie said...

I love the new set up! Now I can read these gorey tales without having to select the page, enlarge, read, go back, etc.

Mykal said...

Folksie: You know what? I like the new graphic viewer, too! Credit must go to Blogger, though. They tried this once before but didn't keep it long. I hope they stick with it this time. Like you, I love it!

Anonymous said...

conethThanks for the memories, Mykal. I remember some of these stories from my (mis)spent youth and some I've never seen before.

Mykal said...

Spacelord: I agree, a classic!

Anonymous: My pleasure, glad you liked it.

Dr. Theda said...

that last tale we have a almost the same story...(the panel from mine that really stuck in my young mind for many years...)my copy shows the crabs grab his eyeball
That was one that got to us back then... very "gruesome"...