Monday, September 26, 2011

"Vampire Flies" & "Witch's Revenge"

If some person were to place a smoking gun to my head, or perhaps subject me to hours and hours of torture far too imaginative and sordid to enumerate here, I would say that Larry Woromay is my favorite Eerie Pub artist. Certainly, Dick Ayers' work for the House of Fass - all cleaved heads, neatly sectioned limbs, and spurting eyeballs - was blazed into my brain pan at an early age; and for that Mr. Ayers has my undying gratitude and love. And, yes, the ebony blacks of the mysterious Antonio Reynoso suggest dark, unsung genius.

Yet, in my gray years, the work of Woromay moves forward. No one in the Eerie Pub stable could make a page fester like Woromay. His mortal world forever teetered on fleshly corruption - his vision one of decay and an unstoppable return to the wet filth of the earth. This first story, "Vampire Flies," from Witch's Tales Vol. 3 No. 1, serves as perfect example. This story is a Woromay reworking of "Demon Flies" from Harvey's Witch's Tales (1952).

"Witch's Revenge" is a straight-up swipe of a Haunted Thrills story, "Witch's Horror," which first appeared in 1953.

Leaving? Well, if you must. But don't miss the next foray into the pulpy beauty of "Grave Rehearsal" and "Terror Below" as we finish our ravaging of this issue of Witch's Tales. Happy, bloody trails.


prof. grewbeard said...

Woromay's world is definitely ink-soaked and unhealthy.

TwoFistedMark said...

You dug up another Vampire Flies!?!?
Wow,never saw THIS one back in the old day's.I only remember the other version,"Improved Kiss".Cheer's again for that one. This one is also
great and twisted in the style we
all love.As always your site is
essential!Cheer's Mate!

Mykal said...

Mark: Thanks! That is such an awesome title I guess the editors couldn't resist using it twice!

Mykal said...

Prof. Woromay's the man!

Spectergirl said...

I find the grown up head/little body version of Mr. Mason's son nearly as disturbing as the cursed version

Mykal said...

Spectergirl: Few things as as upsetting as an over sized head!