Thursday, December 16, 2010

"The Thing" & "Werewolf"

Well, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, curse the luck. But don't worry, you wretched urchins, the spirit of love and giving has no sway here. Never has, never will. Here, we will always see through the glass darkly regardless of any temporal holiday. Here storm clouds swell like black, angry souls; the very wheel of Heaven groans like old timber twisted to cracking, and the center will never hold. If that doesn't make you feel safe and sound, nothing will.

Our first story today is all abut doom, fate, and the eternal atonement of a sin unforgivable (I knew I could make you feel all warm and cozy). The artwork is by Oscar Fraga, who did a ton of work for Eerie Pub. (about 80 stories). Virtually nothing is known about Fraga, and where Eerie Pub. artists are concerned - that's just the way I like it. I really love this tale, which was originally "The Thing On The Broken Balcony," appearing in Strange Worlds No. 8 (1952) before Fraga gave it a redraw. I sort of envy Pete Larkin in this story. I am a creature of routine and, as routines go, Mr. Larkin's eternal evening is not without its bleak, Yeatsian romance. Download THIS POST!

Next up is a straight reprint of an extremely wordy Iger Shop tale from the 1950s. This one meanders a bit and curls itself up into a very sudden knot at the end, but at least the artwork has those beauteous Iger Shop blacks.

Well, on we go into to-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow. When shall we meet again? In thunder, lightening, or in rain? Forgive the Shakespeare references, but there's just something about the holidays that makes me think of the murdering king, Macbeth. Next up? A bit of my favorite Eerie artist, Larry Woromay, with "Over Her Dead Body" plus "Death Trap." Please stop in again soon. Don't make me send the St. Nicholas zombie after you.


BastaComix said...

i was looking forward to seeing St. Nicholas Zombie this year, Mykal!
Another year of ho-hum gifts, AGAIN, and no one to eat my brains!!
I think I'll go cry now!
At least I've got Larry Woromay to look forward to.

KW said...

The Thing, page 5, panel 5, with the old guy laughing while the other guy falls out the window is pretty entertaining.

Daniel [] said...

Betty was a complete brat to grant the werewolf a post-mortem victory!

Mykal said...

Daniel: Let's face it: Betty never wanted to live in that drafty, old castle in the first place and shrewdly uses a fairly typical case of lychanthropy to minupulate her simple Tom. Just look at that crafty look in her eyes in that next-to-last panel. She knows exactly what she's doing.

Guy Bell said...

LOVE the Fraga piece! You're on a roll.

Mykal said...

Guy: Thanks! I liked the Fraga as well. Woromay up next!

Guy Bell said...

Mykal, just posted a christmas card for you on my blog. Happy Holidays and thanks for all the hours of enjoyment your blog provided thru the year.

Mykal said...

Guy: It's really something! Very, very beautiful! I hope everyone visits! Everyone please click on Guy's Cult of Horror blog under my Killer Blogs list in the sidebar!