Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Over Her Dead Body" & "Death Trap"

Two more deadtime fables from Terror Tales Vol. 2 No. 6, November 1970. First, a real treat featuring art by the great Larry Woromay in a story of a man extremely dedicated to his craft. "Over Her Dead Body" is a redraw of "While the Iron Was Hot," which appeared in Weird Mysteries No. 3, Feb. 1953. It proves useful (not to mention fun) to have a peek at the original posted over at Karswell's The Horrors Of It All. The contrast will serve as a fine example of how Eerie Pub. artists (and Woromay in particular) liked to gore up a story for bloody, little urchins, like me who treasured each new issue. The writing was jazzed a bit as well. Please compare ". . . a tale that'll snap your spine and make your skin crawl" (Eerie Pub.) to ". . . a torturous tale about a tailor" (yawn - Weird Mysteries ).
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I wonder sometimes if our fate is determined neither by predetermination or free will. Perhaps our entire lives are prescribed by our surnames. Most of us have names that are simple sounds by which we are called - letters that we learn to string together to sign our last will and testaments. Our names suggest nothing; promise nothing beyond what Thoreau called our "quiet desperation."

Now, consider a name like Charlie Starkweather. Is it any wonder that the young, scruffy Nihilist roamed the desolate, hardscrabble plains of Nebraska and Wyoming like a feral mongrel grafted to a 12-gauge shotgun? Can one ever imagine this persona smiling at sunny skies? Bearing this self-evident theory in mind, lets move on to the Ajax/Farrell story of one Adam Monny.

Until next time, dear ones. when we'll dredge up two last tales from the same (as Stan Lee used to say) "iss;" "Broom For A Witch" & "Bedeviled Puppet." Until then, if you can't stay safe, at least stay sound (the original title of that last story of the doomed Mr. Monny was "Safe, But Not Sound." I'm so clever I could just turn around three times and crap on my own shoes!).


KW said...

Mykal, I really like your dialogs before the stories. They're very colorful. You ought to write some horror stories, or any kind of story for that matter.

I love the ink work in the Death Trap story. The gray washes are great and moody and dreary, but I wish I could see the pre-grayed ink line work just for a moment, and then gray it back up.

Daniel [] said...

I guess that the theme here was “All dressed-up and no place to go.”

Mykal said...

KW: Thanks!

Daniel: You bet! Both stories concern a couple of homebodies.

KW said...

Happy Birthday Mykal!

Mykal said...

KW: Thanks, but your off by a bit - but as they say, it's the thought that counts! I'll read this again on August 31! ;-)

Karswell said...

>". . . a tale that'll snap your spine and make your skin crawl" (Eerie Pub.) to ". . . a torturous tale about a tailor" (yawn - Weird Mysteries ).

Haha! Well at least Weird Mysteries didn't lie to us, I mean, did anyone else's spine "snap" while reading the remake? Nah, didn't think so... and of course tailors can most definitely be torturous.

Mykal said...

Kerswell: I wondered if you might leap to Weird Mysteries' defense! You are correct sir. WM wins the veracity award.