Thursday, December 23, 2010

Guy Bell's Cult of Horror! (and Merry Xmas!)

I received a Christmas card the other day, done specifically for The Bloody Pulp by our friend, Guy Bell. I'll be switched if it hasn't put me in the Christmas spirit! Allow me to share:

Mr. Bell is a true believer in Eerie Pub. artwork and the array of great horror mags celebrated at this blog. Guy is also a very fine artist in the grand tradition. I flat love his work.

How good is Mr. Bell? He's this good:

"Claws Of The Werewolf" is an original story, written and illustrated by Guy, who inks his stuff old-school with a brush. Please visit Guy Bell at his blog Cult of Horror.

OK, curse your eyes, I'll say it! Merry Christmas to all the readers of The Bloody Pulp!


BastaComix said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Mykal!
And have an EERIE New Year!

Mike H said...

A very happy Christmas to one and all! Nothing says it better than Guy's awesome art!

Mykal said...

Basta and Mike: Merry Christmas, guys!