Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Night of Terror" & "Deadman's Ghost"

First, this glorious cover from Horror Tales Vol. 2 No. 6, November 1970. Where to start? The eye is drawn to the young lady staring sightless after having been lowered into a glass vat of acid by her hair – dipped into the bubbling solution like a cherry into chocolate. The artist’s eye has captured the moment before the bones, no longer connected by gristle, drop to the bottom with soft clinks. And what of the metal-plated robot with shiny teeth and tongue, yet bleeding fleshly blood from his gums and crack in his faceplate? What is the number of hellish tales suggested by this tableau?

First for your pleasure is Night of Terror with the thick, rich brushwork of Carl Burgos (oops - see comments). Table of Contents has this to say: ”An envelope of horror trapped an innocent couple in a reign of terror. C’mon, put that axe down!” well, isn’t that a nice piece of wishful thinking!

It’s time for Dick Ayers! With Deadman’s Ghost, Ayers severs his appropriate number of heads and limbs, but also treats us to some fine, young female figure work into the bargain. Table of Contents says: ”Journey into superstition where deadmen turn into ghosts! Ye-ech!”

Ok, enough is enough! Too much of this and you may get to like it. Next up from same issue: ”Walk the Edge of Darkness” and ”Green Horror”


KW said...

Wonderful and wonderful. I can't believe how brutal these old comics were! Everyone says the world is getting more and more evil as the years go by, but Dang! I haven't seen anything this evil in comics in a long time. I've seen disgusting gross-out-fests but even if they are technically more disgusting they don't have a well-rooted story to back them up and make them disturb my psyche as badly. I give you extra points if you can make heads or tails out of that last sentence. Sorry for the run-on-iness.

Mykal Banta said...

I getcha!

Tim Butler said...

Any writing credits for the first story? I only ask because some lucky bastard got to write "Ohh--my head! The blood--YAAAHHH!" and then poured himself another Scotch. Good times at Eerie publishing.

As for our host in the second story? All I can say is Wow, Dick Ayers.

Mykal Banta said...

Hey, Tim: I can't say who wrote the stories, but a good time was had by all, I'm sure.

Ayers must have had a ball.

Guybell said...

I love seeing the brush work of Carl burgos. Modern comic lines look thin and harsh compared to the old stuff.

Mykal Banta said...

Guybell: Agreed. "Harsh" is a well chosen word for modern stuff.

Matthew Coniam said...

"some lucky bastard got to write "Ohh--my head! The blood--YAAAHHH!" and then poured himself another Scotch. Good times at Eerie publishing"

This was just savage. Night of Terror is great, like a story board for the best horror film you never saw. Love the drawing of poor Sue plummeting down the stairs with her ass in the air.
And the ending is so funny - "well, you know." Love it.
But don't you folks spell 'axe' without the 'e' on your side of the puddle?

Keep 'em coming, Mykal!

Mykal Banta said...

Matthew: One of the things I adore about Eerie Pub is the impression that all artists and writers were having a ball, snitching old horror stories and juicing them up a bit. One can almost sense a geek-giggling of pure joy.

Nope. Axe with an e is most common over here in the states for the impliment used to chop wood, heads, and limbs.

Guybell said...

Mykal, I already have the "Zombie Factory" and have pre-ordered "The Weird World of EErie Publications" but is there a good source to buy original issues?

Mykal Banta said...

Guy: eBay

Mike H said...

"Night of Terror" was another great Ajax/ Farrell tale written by some unknown genius at the Iger shop. I sure wish someone could uncover the writers of those stories!

That said, I don't think that Burgos ever toiled in the Iger shop so I doubt his involvement in the story, but that sure is a corker of a new splash page by Ezra Jackson!!!

Sorry that I've not been around much of late... we're in the middle of moving and time is oh so tight!!

Great post as always!

Mykal Banta said...

Mike: About Night, I am sure you are correct. To me, the brushwork looked very much like Burgos' work on Experiment in Terror from my very first post, so I took a shot. See how much your book is needed?

No apologies necessary for tight time. Moving plus pre-pub chaos? Jeez, how did you find the time to do this comment ;-)