Monday, June 14, 2010

"The Hungry Ghoul" &
"The Toreador and the Demon"

Let’s tap into the bloody vein of Witches’ Tales Vol. 4 No. 1, February 1972. But first, let’s ravage this cover; wherein we have another example of an Eerie Pub artist creating a strange, hybrid monster of completely unknown origin. Presented is an eviscerated (partially) skeletal creature, tatters of flesh and organs hanging in a cage of ribs, with only claws and head worthy of flesh. And, quite naturally, he has a crew cut.

With “The Hungry Ghoul” we have Dick Ayers art and the practice of eating the dead in one story. Now, really, don’t you feel blessed today? With regard to the title, has a ghoul ever pushed himself back from the table and claimed to be full?

About “Toreador and the Demon” Table of Contents offers this: “The cold clammy hands reached from beyond the smelly grave to keep a promise of fame and fortune. The art is by one of my favorites from the malignant, Eerie pub. Universe, A. Reynoso. Page 3 is a fine example of the kind of ink-black beauty my man was capable of. Black and dark is the world of Mr. Reynoso, thank heavens!

Until next time, please do everything I wouldn’t do.


KW said...

OUCH! Right thru the leg!

This comic always has great moody graytone shading.

Matthew Coniam said...

I loved that bullfighting one. I'm always fascinated by fiction with a bullfighting background, but this is the first time I've come across the milieu being used for a horror story. The two elements combine perfectly. Another one that I'd love to see adapted into a movie, along the lines of those later Amicus films.
Is that on the level about it being based on an old Spanish legend?

Mykal Banta said...

Matthew: At first I liked the ghoul story best, but now I prefer bullfight one myself. Stronger story, I think. An Amicus film! Perfect. Man, that's perfect. A better fit even than Hammer (Darker, more shadows).

Interesting you ask about the legend part. I did some research, and I can come up with nothing. If anyone has discovered or knows otherwise, please enlighten me!

Guybell said...

Fantastic! Both these stories seem to be of a higher quality than the usual, both in art and writing.

Mykal Banta said...

KW & Guybell: Thanks for stopping in gentlemen.

Guy: yeah, I really like the writing and art in both a lot.

Spectergirl said...

I just feel the need to say that I found the Witch's way of delivering her promise just a little disappointing.

I will make you the best Toreador... um, enroll in class and work really hard.

It is kind of the equivalent of saying Do this for me and I will give you the perfect body the men will lust after. Only to get a 24-Hour Fitness membership and told to avoid carbs.

Of course the killing all of your better looking friends would help!

Mykal Banta said...

Yeah, If I was Manuelo, I'd feel a bit hoodwinked. I mean, don't these things normally work with a snap of the fingers? I mean, years of hard work and sacrifice normally pay of dividends with or without a witch's input. Nicely observed, Spectergirl.