Thursday, April 15, 2010

"A Corpse For A Coffin" & "Mask of Horror"

It’s time to sample the bubbling cauldron of Witches’ Tales Vol. 2 No. 4, August 1970. But let’s not hurry by this startling cover. The test-tube vampire, suckling the eye-dropper of blood, is damn near perfect. What horrid, untold story does this garish tableau suggest? Therein lays the endless pleasure of an Eerie Pub cover!

Life craves balance – symmetry – and nature truly abhors a vacuum. Every Ying calls for Yang, and water will always find its level. Thus, an empty coffin is an insult to the primal structure of the universe. An empty coffin is a hungry coffin. In other words, here comes a Dick Ayers splatter fest!

If severed heads and neatly sliced hands were called for, Dick Ayres was without question your man; but Larry Woromay’s relaxed, cartoony style was pitch-perfect if a body was melting into horrid, rubbery slabs and dripping gobs. Hey, speaking of such, here comes Mask of Horror!

I believe you’ve had enough. Our intent is thrill you, not hurt you (that sort of thing will be left to personal taste and discretion). Do come back for two more lashings from the same issue: "The Thing In The Cellar" & ”The Dead Monsters”!


prof. grewbeard said...

you topped yourself with that intro, my friend- sheer poetry!

it's funny, i have this issue but i don't remember these two stories, maybe i never DID get past the crazy cover!

Mykal said...

Prof.: Thanks! You know, I woldn't be a bit suprised if Eerie Pub used that cover, or prime elements of that cover, elsewhere. --Mykal

KW said...

Oh my gosh! That 1st page with the head-chop!! Gasp! The cover IS crazy.

Spectergirl said...

I am really enjoying Dick Ayers' black and white work. When he chops off a head, he chops off a head!

"A Corpse for a Coffin" was truly entertaining and your introduction just made it better. Ha!

I actually have a coffin in my garage (truth!) and I now actually am feeling kind of sorry for it. Hmmm... maybe I need to get a axe and ... oh did I say that out loud.

And I am certainly going to have to work "Don't Bore me, old man! I know the story ... I'm a collector myself!" more often into conversation when shopping for comics.

Mykal said...

Spectergirl: Ayers is the all time champ at head chopping.

Don't pity the coffin. Its time will come. Muuhahaha! -- Mykal

Tim Butler said...

Hey, is that the Vision from the Avengers buying the mask at the end? Happy Anniversary, Scarlet Witch!

I will defenitely be getting that book when it comes out. Hopefully it will provide some info as to who painted all the awesome covers. Thanks, Mykal!

Mykal said...

Tim: I'm waiting on Mike Howlett's book myself, buddy! Oh, yes I am! -- Mykal

Matthew Coniam said...

That decapitation is quite something, with the eyeballs popping out - I love the flying glasses, too: a mundane touch that makes the rest of it seem even more horrible somehow.

Mike H said...

What a knock out double header!!

That cover was indeed redone, albeit with some changes... look for HORROR TALES v4 #5 (8-72)

Thanks for the book plugs! It is now up for pre-order on Amazon (with a nice 34% discount)! The Fall Feral House catalog is also up at their site with THE WEIRD WORLD OF EERIE PUBLICATIONS and other fine forthcoming books!

Mykal Banta said...

Matthew: I can't tell you how great it is that you are new to this stuff! Stand, Neophyte, and gaze upon the glory of Eerie Pub! You will quickly learn that popping eyeballs is a Dick Ayers speciality. Just click the Dick Ayers label at bottom of post for a further taste, and thanks for commenting!!

Mike: I am off to Amazon right now!!

-- Mykal

Mykal Banta said...

Mike: PS: Done!! And it's a hardcover to boot! Classy, Mike, very classy. I ordered two copies! -- Mykal

Karswell said...

Does anyone know if Dick Ayers ever really chopped off someone's head for jetison / hang time reference?

Mykal Banta said...

Karswell: Excellent question. I'm sure he did. A lot of the greats had extensive photo reference libraries.

I believe the magnificent air achieved by the severed head in that great splash panel has due to the force of the initial blow forcing the severed, lifeless head to bounce off the ground like a basketball (popping the eyes out for good measure). At least that is how the scene has played out in my mind when I have imagined it. Over and over. -- Mykal