Monday, March 22, 2010

"The Witch Doctor" & "Frankenstein"

These next two stories lay to rest the Vol. 2, No. 1 issue of Tales From The Tomb. May maggot-dripping zombies sing thee to thy rest. But before this issue stops twitching, let’s enjoy first The Witch Doctor!

Table of Contents tells us: Ghastly beyond all belief are the black mysteries of Africa! No one believes what happened to Alice. Will you? Read this weirdo!” The thing I love most about this tale is that everyone drools, and not just a little. C’mon, everybody, let’s slip on our hides and do the leopard dance! And, let’s be honest - haven’t we all turned into beasts after a few drinks and gyrations on the dance floor? Particularly when the moon sings its siren song.

About the issue’s last story, Frankenstein, Table of Contents says: “So what if he was only a man-made thing? You gave him life and he could learn but greed gripped your innards and unleashed a horror on the land! Believe me it is different!” Greed gripped your innards? God, I love Eerie Publishing!

I really like this concise re-telling of the classic monster story. It stays much truer to Shelly than did James Whale’s 1931 film. The creature in this story, while resembling Karloff’s brute, is articulate and noble – pure - as Shelly intended.

Rest well, creature of moonlit graves. There but for the grace of God . . . (sniff).

Coming next is House of Monsters and Devil Flower from Horror Tales Vol. 2, No. 1! Don't make me come get you!


The Ghost Who Blogs said...

Ah, yes, I remember the Leopard Dance craze of the early 1990's. Couldn't turn on the TV without seeing somebody doing that darn dance!

On a serious note, I LOVE the first panel of the next-to-last page of Frankenstein. Something about the monster's posture is just really cool.

Mykal said...

Ghost: I agree - art. I loved the last page, too, as well as the pages you mentioned. Frankenstein staring with his one huge eye down the barrel of a gun (held by his creator) is super cool. -- Mykal