Friday, March 19, 2010

"Web of Terror" & "Living Horrorscope"

Two more from Tales From The Tomb Vol. 2 No. 1. This first story makes me think of my 7th grade biology teacher who, for some reason, was irrationally irritated by cartoon spiders. "Insects don't have faces," she would snip, so smarmy and self-righteous. I was reasonably certain Miss Erickson was an enemy agent. But I digress.

About Web of Terror, Table of Contents says: The ugly, carnivorous red widow spider vanished in thin air, and Damon Rankin gasped in horror. Ye-ech! I can’t look! Those jaws! Ugh!” Okay, the plot meanders a bit in search of a dénouement, but it’s a lovely ride with Carl Burgos supplying the pencils and inks.

Look out! Here comes Living Horroscope, which tells of the wicked experiments of two astrologers behind in the rent. Table of Contents says: The fearful secrets of the sun, moon, and stars come to life as two astrologers create the unknown! Can't be done? Hmmm?" Eerie Pub stories always work best when high concept is shoe-horned into a crash-n-burn 5 pages. The art is by Oscar Fraga.

I'm a Virgo, so for the time being I guess I'm safe. Although I would have loved to see an animated Virgin stalk the earth, searching for victims. Okay, get your second wind because in a couple days were doing it again. Next up from the same issue is The Witch Doctor & Frankenstein.

PS: My bloody heartfelt thanks to Mike Howlett (see sidebar) who supplied artist identification for this post.


Spectergirl said...

I like how "Living Horroscope" combines both mad science with the real life everyday concerns of the renter. I feel with the current economic climate many people will certainly identify with Mr. Black's plight.

This post is very well timed Mr. Banta.

Mykal said...

Spectergirl: What I love best about that story is that there isn't even the slightest attempt to explain the science involved. One astrologer wears a lab coat, so he must be the brains of the outfit.

Hey, look at that new avatar from you! Tell Aaron he really captured you well in the logo for "Ask Spectergirl." -- Mykal

Mike H said...

Another wonderful double-dose of Eerie entertainment! And thanks for the plugs! This blog and THE HORRORS OF IT ALL are single (double?) handedly letting the world know about the book! Thank you!

Mykal said...

Mike: My pleasure! With all things Eerie Pub, you are The Man! -- Mykal

Frederick said...

I am so loving this blog. I have only a few of these magazines from the early 70's, and being able to read the rest here is awesome.

I have added you to my list of links at my own place, Hope you visit and like it!

Mykal said...

Frederick: I am glad you're liking it! I'll get you linked up ASAP! said...

“Living Horrorscope” is a reworking of “Zodiac”, from Witches Tales #18 (Apr '53), which was reproduced at tHoIA.